If you want guaranteed results then having a coach who keeps you accountable is the answer. We’ve helped over 650 firms since 2006 to implement more than they ever thought possible. Knowing which projects to implement is important but not as important as implementing them. You cannot hide from your coach or your peers in a face to face environment.

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The ultimate in face to face coaching and a powerful new direction for leadership, advice, and competitive edge.

Face to face group coaching is more powerful than ‘one-on-one’ because you have more people you are accountable to and more people to learn from. It’s all about being accountable, learning new ideas and sharing with your peers. The focus starts internally (workflow and cashflow) and then moves externally to marketing, sales and value added services.


The tools, products and templates in coachingclub are designed to improve these KPIs:

PAN_blue_bullet   Turnaround time

PAN_blue_bullet   Average Hourly Rate

PAN_blue_bullet   Work in Progress balance

PAN_blue_bullet   Accounts Receivable balance

PAN_blue_bullet   Realisation rate / write ups

PAN_blue_bullet   Profit

PAN_blue_bullet   Cash balance

PAN_blue_bullet   Revenue

PAN_blue_bullet   Team happiness

PAN_blue_bullet   Partner happiness

PAN_blue_bullet   New leads

PAN_blue_bullet   Conversion Rate

PAN_blue_bullet   New clients

PAN_blue_bullet   Retention rate of clients

PAN_blue_bullet   Average Fee per client

PAN_blue_bullet   Client happiness

PAN_blue_bullet   Client revenue, profit & cashflow



You start your journey by attending the “Kickstart” business planning workshop. You have up to 6 tickets. You will have  consultation with your coach to get you on the right track. You are then grouped with 7 other non-competing firms of a similar development path.


You are held accountable (like a Chairman and board of directors) by your coach and your peers. You meet as a group face to face (in Brisbane ) every 90 days and over the phone/web every 90 days.


You are required to ‘report in’ on the previous quarter and learn new ideas from your coach. Each month you have to submit your prior months numbers and each month you have coach contact. You learn new ideas at every interaction and you share your wins and losses with your peers. You have access to all the ProFirm & ProClient tools and products.


You have unlimited access to your coach via phone and email.



The ultimate in accountability, learning & sharing in a group environment. You are grouped with other like minded firms in a face to face environment – and you have to turn up and implement.



coachingclub (face to face) is suited to any size firm who wants to fast track their development, grow revenue, profits and add value to their clients in a proactive way. We guarantee that you will achieve a 3 times return on your monthly investment – provided you implement the ideas.


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