We provide a selection of personalised training days specific to your firm. Currently these can be facilitated anywhere in Australia, except KickStart which is only hosted in PAN HQ, Brisbane, Australia.

KickStart business planning workshop.

  • 2 days in Brisbane. $1,650 per person
  • Up to 16 Accounting firms in the workshop
  • Leave with comprehensive 1 page plan on your Accounting firm
  • 90 day, 1 year, 3 years and 10 year goals & projects set
  • Understand what you have to do to achieve your plan
  • Facilitated by PAN performance coach
  • For Detailed information click here

Business Performance Review

A POWERFUL ONE-ON-ONE COACHING SERVICE THAT WILL GIVE YOU THE TOOLS AND STRATEGIES TO PUT YOU ON THE RIGHT TRACK TO ACHIEVING YOUR FINANCIAL AND LIFESTYLE GOALS. The ‘Business Performance Review’ will assist you in analysing your current performance and will then provide you with detailed recommendations on:

1. Where are you now

2. What is possible

3. How you rate

It is a content rich, face-to-face planning / strategy session. The program is highly customised to focus specifically on the areas most relevant to your business.

  • 1 day at your site – $5,500 plus travel & accommodation
  • Questionnaire filled in advance
  • Coach will have consultation with you in advance
  • Day is customised to your issues and opportunities
  • Facilitated by PAN performance coach

Client Advisory Board

One of our accredited coaches will interview a selection (8-12) of your clients in a group interview format. They will be asked in confidence what they like about dealing you, what they don’t like and what they would like to see changed or added if they were running the firm. A consultation will be held with you immediately after the meeting on the findings and recommendations.

  • ½ day program at your site – $3,300 plus travel & accommodation
  • Get honest feedback from 10-12 A class clients
  • Comes with system so you can run with your clients
  • Facilitated by PAN performance coach

Supercharge your team – workshop

To achieve your firm’s potential it is essential that your team is completely aligned, ‘bought in’ and right behind your initiatives. We have a number of ‘on site’ workshops that we can customise and present for your entire team or just your leadership team. They are all designed to educate and excite your team to all the possibilities. You’ll find that your team will be excited; more engaged and they will come up with most of the ideas.

  • One day workshop – $6,600 plus travel & accommodation
  • Coach will have consultation with you in advance
  • Only your firm – customised to your issues & opportunities
  • Get your team engaged in 1 powerful day
  • Facilitated by PAN performance coach


A Firm Financial Analysis is an introductory 90 minute consultation used to uncover and highlight areas in your firm that would benefit from improving. These areas can include; improving cash flow, reducing WIP and debtor days, and increasing revenue and profit. It will also uncover the bigger picture goals for you and your firm, such as increasing director salaries and reducing reliance on partners for earning fees. This analysis can be conducted over the phone or web with our qualified membership team.